Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Fish TV <3

Went to big fish tv fest today. soooo freakin awesome! met the makers, egor (animation) and sheldon (music). These are the strangest, creepiest, wildest, outrageous, most inspirational animations i have seen in a loooong time!!!
thought i'd post a cute one here. not too violent or sexual...

Awesome animation

Someone posted this amazing animation on myspace todayyy, so i thought i'd post it here for all to see! very different, very cool!!!

VIDEOGIOCO by Donato Sansone from Enrico Ascoli - Sound Design on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Stuff!!! Illustration, Comic and Animation :D

My 3 latest assignments. I have a wee bit of fixing up to do on the animation, but other than that, these are finished :) ok. the comic. this had to be about myself. 2 pages min/max. based on a true event. Childrens book illustration for ages 6-10. Theme: dad got stuck in the tree house. for everyone out there who cant understand what going on, the massive possum chewed off tge rope ladder, dad is stuck.

and this is the flash opener i made for our class screening we have coming up. we all had to animate a character reacting to the movie. mine however, is reacting to someone throwing a phone at them... a whole bunch of phones actually.