Friday, March 12, 2010

Acting class

Just some of the strange things we get up to in acting class...


  1. I heart acting class.

    Acting colours last week was fun!

  2. it surely was. even though i smacked my head on the wall... :P we should play statues where you play music and then pause it and everyone freezes in a pose!

  3. I shall have the wall padded. Those boys get so exuberant in acting class! The music idea is great. I was thinking some form of dance could be an exercise because it is all about hitting key poses on beats. Then if we 'froze on the pose' (Copyright 2010), it would help the animator feel the balance and weight in their muscle memory.

    My wife is a Bollywood dancer, I'll have to see, if she has some time free on Friday (no promises).

  4. oooh that would be awesome if you could get her in!